Featherston St

Level 2, 139 Featherston St
(04) 499 4257

Wakefield St

250 Wakefield St
(04) 801 9642

Lower Hutt

21-23 Andrews Ave
(04) 589 8381
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Featherston St Studio 17 February - 23 February


5:00pm Yin Yang 75min
Isabel (75min)


12:00pm Yin-Yang 45 min
Sarah M (45min)
1:00pm Hot Express Featherston
Julia (60min)
5:00pm PV Hour
Shirley (60min)
6:30pm Yin Hour
Emma (60min)


12:00pm PV Express 45 min
Muni (45min)
1:00pm Yin-Yang Hour
Muni (60min)
5:00pm Yin/Yang
Mel (75min)
6:30pm Hot Express
Jen (60min)


7:00am PV Hour
Marion (60min)
12:00pm PV Hour
Ellen (60min)
5:00pm Yin Featherston
Sarah M (60min)
6:30pm Hot Sampler
Maddi (75min)


7:00am Yin-Yang Hour
Elena (60min)
12:00pm PV Express 45 min
Jemma (45min)
5:00pm Hot Sampler
AnnieF (75min)
6:30pm PV Hour
Ellen (60min)


7:00am PV Express 45 min
Elena (45min)
12:00pm Yin-Yang 45 min
Sascha (45min)
5:00pm PV Happy Hour 2 for 1
Ellen (60min)


9:30am Hot Sampler
Melina (75min)
1:30pm Pregnancy Yoga
ClaireW (90min)
5:00pm Yin Featherston
Sam (60min)

*The Featherston Studio is generally only open half an hour before a class and half an hour after.

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